Sarah has worked as in interior designer for over 15 years. She has a strong belief that homes should be lived in and not monuments. Her style is architecturally modern and simple with clean lines, sturdy and practical. Although she leans towards classical, symmetrical, balanced lines, she does not believe everything has to match, or look as though it was done by an interior designer yesterday. A home should look as though it has been lived in and the things in it accumulated with love and time by the owner, but still have a sense of togetherness.

Sarah prides herself in her ability to create clever storage that both looks beautiful, and hides all the day to day paraphernalia and clutter of life. She is by no means a minimalist, but does believe in making the surroundings we live in tidy and harmonious. Something which is often difficult to achieve, especially in the limited space we have in the city.

Sarah has worked on town and country properties, from complete refurbishments to just one room. Sarah loves to find individual pieces of furniture, textiles, rugs, lamps, artworks and is constantly scouring markets, galleries, and little places off the beaten track to find that sometimes wacky, but always original, and special piece, so that each home looks completely unique, and not the same as the last house she decorated. Sarah reads her clients and adapts her style to their character and their lifestyle, so that no one walks into their home and says “oh did so-and-so do this?” However, in preference, Sarah loves a clean canvas of neutrals to build on, with beautiful rich and bright textures and colours.