Sarah has worked as in interior designer for more than 20 years.  Although she leans towards classical, symmetrical architecture, her style could be described as modern, using a mixture of old and new and in recent years she has worked on a number of traditional English country houses and feels they should always look as comfortable and as interesting as possible.  She believes a home should look as though it has been lived in and the things in it accumulated with love and time by the owner, but still have a sense of togetherness.

Sarah has worked on town and country properties, from complete refurbishments to just one room. She loves to find individual pieces of furniture, textiles, rugs, lamps, artworks and is constantly scouring markets, galleries, and little places off the beaten track to find that sometimes wacky, but always original, and special piece, so that each home looks completely unique, and not the same as the last house she decorated. Sarah reads her clients and adapts her style to their character and their lifestyle, so that no one walks into their home and says “oh did so-and-so do this?”  Sarah is happy to work on a clean blank canvas of pale colours by adding character with furniture, upholstery and accessories, however her true love is the use of brave colour and pattern and helping her clients understand how to use them together.


Louisa has worked in the interior design trade since the end of the 80’s when she started working for a well known interior designer in Hong Kong. On her return to England she worked for various established designers in London. She started out on her own at the end of the 90’s and, while bringing up her children, had a steady stream of projects varying in scale and budget, escalated in recent years. Over the years she has gathered a fantastic network of contractors and suppliers enabling her to create wonderful bespoke interiors which reflect the lifestyle of the client and their personality.

Louisa loves using strong and unusual colour in her work and mixing old and new to create warmth, comfort and surprise, she is just as happy project managing building projects from the ground up to sourcing fabric for a pair of curtains.

Sarah & Louisa

 Louisa and Sarah are childhood friends and it became increasingly obvious that working together was going to maximise their strengths, they joined forces in  2017 and  are lucky to have a wonderful and supportive team helping them. They were delighted to be included in 2018 Top 100 House and Garden interior designers list.