Scalloped Lampshades

All of our lampshades are bespoke and made from “one off” antique textiles.  We can supply custom made lampshades using any of the beautifully designed fabrics and silk trims we have available in stock.


The standard base sizes and price guide for our Scalloped Lampshades are as follows:

12″   £265.00

13″   £275.00

14″   £285.00

15″   £295.00

16″   £305.00

17″   £315.00

18″   £325.00

19″   £335.00

20″   £345.00

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Delivery charges will apply




For more information or to book an appointment to come and see our selection of textiles and products, please do give us a call on 01488 500 206 or e-mail us at